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The blade for this knife is made of CPM S30V Stainless Steel. Heat treated to perfection to 60HRC by "Paul Bos Heat Treating". The blade has distal taper. Flat ground bevels are finished to  800 grit. The blade is  4-1/4" by 15/16" by 1/8" .  Stainless Steel bolster is hand engraved with the unique floral design. The handle is sculpted from the piece of dark Claro Walnut wood. It is deep vacuum treated with the Tung oil and carnauba wax. The butt cover is hand engraved Stainless Steel. The leather sheath is hand made from 9Oz leather and Claro Walnut. The hand tooled decoration on the sheath matches the engraving design. The knife is available for $945. Shipping and handling included.

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